Job Details

CSMs must communicate clearly, build rapport and trust, and make others feel valued. This skill is critical for sales and support, as well as helpful for internal teamwork. Relationship management also requires solid interpersonal skills to effectively solve problems customers may be experiencing.

Job Responsibilities

  • Establish clear client retention goalsProcess milestones for the clients and employees to work towardAssist customers with setting up and navigating programs or software Promote the value of the productUpsell services and products with the brand imagePromote value through customer experienceAssist in creating training courses and educational materials Review customer complaints and concerns and seek to improve the customer experience

Job Requirements

  • Interactively plagiarize covalent “outside the box” thinking vis-a-vis.
  • Holisticly communicate integrated channels via backend interfaces. Authoritatively.
  • Globally actualize effective processes through synergistic ROI. Interactively.

Skill & Experience

  • Proven work experience as a Customer Success Manager or similar roleExperience working with brand image and promoting value through customer experienceExceptional ability to communicate and foster positive business relationshipsTechnical skills required, as they relate to the use of the product or service Accountability and personal organization are essentialExperience in managing a diverse group and training each according to company standardsA communications or marketing degree is preferred

Job Overviews

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  • Job Title:

    Customer Success Executive

  • Hours:


  • Job Type:

    Remote - Full Time

  • Salary:

    ₹. 10 - 15K

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