Vivek Vyas
Founder & Managing Director

Adept of the Company

Vivek Vyas the methodical personality and the founder of  Idealiza Empyre Private Limited  is the one who raised OfficielCRM which is now scheduled to introduce as a separate identity in the market with substantial brand value. Experience of 8+ year in the IT Industry with diverse companies was his dedication that has given rise to  Officiel CRM and now he is the Founder of the Company who had already been a Founder of an IT Company ‘Artybeacon’ Which now unfortunately is inoperative ‘

Riddhi Kashyap
Naman Dixit
Server Adminstrator
Chief Operations Officier
Anamika Baghel
Software Engineer
Mansi Patel
Manual Tester
Karishma Chachire
Rani Ramani
Support Executive
Kanav Nandwani
UI Designer
Vineeta Singh
Team Lead
Seema Mishra
Support Manager
Harsheen Kaur
Graphic Designer
Swinal Mate
Poonam Rokde
Software Engineer
Swati Singh
Tulsi Wadhwani
Content Writer
Deepika Singh

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