Ticket Efficient Issue Resolution and Support


Officiel CRM's ticketing system ensures prompt and effective resolution of customer issues, providing comprehensive support for improved customer satisfaction.

What does Customer Management offer?

Efficiently manage your customers and build strong relationships with Officiel CRM's customer management tools, enhancing satisfaction and driving loyalty.

Customer Management

Enhance customer relationships and maximize satisfaction with Officiel CRM's intuitive customer management features, empowering your business for success.

Run Rate Cycle

Optimize your business operations with Officiel CRM's run rate cycle, facilitating efficient tracking and analysis of recurring revenue streams.

Feedback Management

Collect valuable feedback and improve customer satisfaction with Officiel CRM's effective feedback management system, driving continuous growth and success.

Revenue Analysis

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with Officiel CRM's revenue analysis capabilities, unlocking growth opportunities

Annual Maientance Charges

Stay worry-free with Officiel CRM's affordable annual maintenance charges, ensuring continuous support and updates for uninterrupted system

What does Advance Configuration offer?

Officiel CRM's Advance Configuration feature offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the CRM system according to their specific requirements and workflows.

Template Master ( SMS , WhatsApp, Email)

Effortlessly create and customize SMS, WhatsApp, and email templates with Officiel CRM's Template Master feature, enhancing communication in your customer interactions.

Email Configuration

Effortlessly configure and manage your email settings with streamlined email configuration feature, ensuring smooth communication and email management

Plan Master

Efficiently plan and schedule tasks and activities with Officiel CRM's Plan Master feature, optimizing productivity and ensuring effective task management.

Multi ( Company / Branch / Department)

Effortlessly manage multiple companies, branches, and departments with Officiel CRM's versatile multi-entity feature, ensuring seamless organization and streamlined operations.

Automation Alerts on Events

Never miss important events or deadlines again with Officiel CRM's automation alerts, providing real-time notifications and reminders to keep you on top of your tasks and responsibilities.


Customize and personalize your CRM experience with Officiel CRM's preferences feature, allowing you to tailor settings and options according to your specific needs and preferences.

Roles and Permission

Manage user roles and permissions easily with Officiel CRM's intuitive feature, enabling secure access and control over CRM functionalities and data.

Customer Journey Automations

Streamline and personalize the customer journey with Officiel CRM's customer journey automations, delivering targeted interactions and maximizing customer engagement.

Events Master

Effortlessly manage and organize events with Officiel CRM's Events Master feature, ensuring smooth event planning and execution for successful outcomes

Landing Page Configuration

Effortlessly create and customize landing pages with Officiel CRM's intuitive configuration feature, empowering you to drive effective marketing campaigns leads.

What does Custom Configuration offer?

Officiel CRM's Custom Configuration feature allows businesses to personalize and adapt the CRM system according to their specific needs and requirements, enhancing usability and efficiency.

Define own fields (Upto 10 Per Module in All Modules)

Customize your CRM modules by defining your own fields, with the flexibility to add up to 10 fields per module across all modules, empowering you to capture and manage the data that matters most to your business

Field Preferences

Personalize your CRM experience by setting field preferences with Officiel CRM's intuitive feature, allowing you to customize the visibility, order, and display of fields according to your individual needs.

Define Own Master Dropdown (Upto 10 Per Module in All Modules)

Create your own master dropdown lists with Officiel CRM's flexible feature, allowing you to define up to 10 dropdown options per module across all modules, enabling efficient data categorization

Custom configuration for field enable/ Disable

Effortlessly enable or disable field configurations based on your business needs with Officiel CRM's custom field enable/disable feature, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in data management control and flexibility over field settings.

What does Tickets Management offer?

Officiel CRM's Tickets Management offers a comprehensive solution for efficient tracking, prioritization, and resolution of customer issues, ensuring exceptional customer support

Tickets Management

Effortlessly manage and track customer tickets with Officiel CRM's intuitive Tickets Management feature, enhancing customer support and issue resolution.

Escalation Matrix

Ensure timely and effective escalation of customer issues with Officiel CRM's Escalation Matrix feature, empowering businesses to prioritize and resolve critical matters efficiently.

Feedbacks Configuration

Customize and configure feedback settings with Officiel CRM's intuitive feature, enabling businesses to gather valuable customer feedback and enhance customer satisfaction.

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