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A powerful lead management system to control your entire customer journey.

What does Lead Flow Management offer?

Lead Flow Management offers a streamlined process for capturing, tracking, and managing leads, ensuring that no potential opportunity slips through the cracks.

Leads Management

Efficiently organize and prioritize your leads with Officiel CRM's intuitive lead management system. Maximize your sales potential and never miss a valuable opportunity.

Demo Calendar

Experience seamless scheduling and showcase your product with Officiel CRM's demo calendar. Effortlessly book and manage demo sessions, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience

Multi Follow

Efficiently manage multiple follow-ups with Officiel CRM's multi-follow feature. Keep track of all your customer interactions and nurture leads with personalized and timely follow-up actions.

Multi-Level Followups

Streamline your follow-up process with Officiel CRM's multi-level follow-up feature. Stay on top of your customer interactions and ensure no lead goes unattended.

Reminder Automation

Never forget an important task or deadline again with Officiel CRM's reminder automation. Stay on track and increase productivity with timely automated reminders and notifications.

Lead Calendar

Effortlessly manage your lead engagements and appointments with Officiel CRM's intuitive lead calendar. Stay organized and never miss an important follow-up or meeting again.

Lead Timelines

Track the entire journey of your leads with Officiel CRM's comprehensive lead timelines. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on the complete history of interactions

What does Prospect Management offer?

Streamline your prospect management process with Officiel CRM's powerful tools, maximizing your sales potential and driving business growth.

Opportunity Management

Optimize your sales opportunities with Officiel CRM's efficient opportunity management, empowering your team to close deals faster and drive revenue growth.

Sales Forcasting

Make informed business decisions and improve sales performance with Officiel CRM's accurate sales forecasting capabilities, maximizing your revenue potential.


Create professional and accurate quotations with ease using Officiel CRM's quotation management feature, impressing your clients and streamlining your sales process.

Sales Process Management

Efficiently manage your sales process from lead to closure with Officiel CRM, optimizing productivity and increasing your sales effectiveness. Officiel CRM's comprehensive management solution.

Sales Pipeline

Visualize and manage your sales pipeline effortlessly with Officiel CRM, empowering your team to track prospects, prioritize deals, and drive revenue growth.

Reminder Automation

Never miss a task or deadline again with Officiel CRM's reminder automation, keeping you on top of your schedule and boosting your productivity.

What does Customer Management offer?

Efficiently manage your customers and build strong relationships with Officiel CRM's customer management tools, enhancing satisfaction and driving loyalty.

Customer Management

Enhance customer relationships and maximize satisfaction with Officiel CRM's intuitive customer management features, empowering your business for success.

Run Rate Cycle

Optimize your business operations with Officiel CRM's run rate cycle, facilitating efficient tracking and analysis of recurring revenue streams.

Feedback Management

Collect valuable feedback and improve customer satisfaction with Officiel CRM's effective feedback management system, driving continuous growth and success.

Revenue Analysis

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with Officiel CRM's revenue analysis capabilities, unlocking growth opportunities

Annual Maientance Charges

Stay worry-free with Officiel CRM's affordable annual maintenance charges, ensuring continuous support and updates for uninterrupted system

What does Inventory Management offer?

Efficiently manage your inventory with Officiel CRM's robust inventory management system, ensuring accurate tracking and optimization of your stock levels.

Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory management processes with Officiel CRM's comprehensive solution, enabling efficient tracking and optimization of your stock levels.

Multi Group and Attributes

Effortlessly organize and categorize your inventory with Officiel CRM's multi-group and attributes feature, allowing for flexible and precise management of product variations

Price List

Manage and update your product pricing efficiently with Officiel CRM's dynamic price list feature, ensuring accurate and consistent pricing across your offerings.

What does Employee Management offer?

Officiel CRM's employee management offers features such as HR data tracking, performance evaluations, and task assignment, enabling efficient workforce management and optimization.

Employee Onboarding

Streamline the employee onboarding process with Officiel CRM's intuitive tools, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires and maximizing productivity from day one.

Approval Level Mechanism

Implement efficient approval processes with Officiel CRM's approval level mechanism, ensuring streamlined decision-making and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Documents Management

Effortlessly organize and manage your documents with Officiel CRM's robust document management system, ensuring easy access and secure storage of important files.

Organization Chart

Visualize your company's structure and hierarchy with Officiel CRM's organization chart feature, facilitating clear communication and effective decision-making.

What does Team Target offer?

Officiel CRM's Team Target feature offers goal setting, progress tracking, and performance analysis for teams, fostering motivation and driving collective success.

Team Planning

Efficiently plan and coordinate team activities with Officiel CRM's team planning feature, ensuring alignment and optimal resource utilization

Target Approval and Evaluation

Simplify target approval and evaluation processes with Officiel CRM's streamlined feature, ensuring efficient assessment and alignment with organizational goals.

Team Target

Drive team performance and achieve goals with Officiel CRM's Team Target feature, fostering collaboration and success.

Individual Target

Set and track individual performance targets effectively with Officiel CRM's Individual Target feature, driving personal growth and productivity.

What does Demonstration offer?

Officiel CRM's Demonstration feature offers a seamless platform for showcasing product capabilities and engaging potential customers, driving sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

Demo Calendar

Effectively plan and schedule product demos with Officiel CRM's intuitive demo calendar, optimizing your sales process and enhancing customer engagement.

Auto Reminder's

Never miss important tasks or deadlines again with Officiel CRM's automated reminders, keeping you on track and ensuring timely action.

Meeting Calendar

Stay organized and schedule meetings effectively with Officiel CRM's Meeting Calendar, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient use of your team's time.

Time Management

Master your time and boost productivity with Officiel CRM's time management tools, helping you stay organized and focused on your priorities.

What does Order Management offer?

Officiel CRM's Order Management feature offers streamlined order processing, tracking, and fulfillment, optimizing your sales operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Order Management

Efficiently manage your orders from start to finish with Officiel CRM's comprehensive order management solution, enhancing your sales process and customer experience.

Approval Mechanism

Implement a streamlined approval process with Officiel CRM's efficient approval mechanism, ensuring seamless decision-making and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Documents Management

Effortlessly organize and manage your documents with Officiel CRM's robust document management system, ensuring easy access and secure storage of important files.

Recurring Order

Automate recurring orders and streamline your sales process with Officiel CRM's recurring order feature, ensuring consistent revenue and customer satisfaction.

Print Template Master

Customize and standardize your print materials with Officiel CRM's print template master feature, ensuring professional and consistent branding across your documents.

Order Versioning

Effortlessly manage different versions of orders with Officiel CRM's order versioning feature, ensuring accurate tracking and easy comparison of order revisions

Order Payments Management

Efficiently manage order payments with comprehensive payment management system, ensuring accurate tracking financial transactions

What does Expenses Management offer?

Simplify expense tracking and reimbursement processes with Officiel CRM's Expenses Management feature, ensuring accurate financial management and control

Salary Processing

Efficiently process employee salaries with Officiel CRM's comprehensive salary processing feature, ensuring accurate and timely payroll management

Multi Expenses

Implement a streamlined approval process with Officiel CRM's efficient approval mechanism, ensuring seamless decision-making and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Expense Reimbursements

Streamline expense reimbursements with Officiel CRM's automated system, simplifying the reimbursement process and ensuring timely and accurate payments to employees.

Salary Payouts

Efficiently process and distribute employee salaries with Officiel CRM's seamless salary payouts feature, ensuring timely and accurate payments.

Approval Mechanisam

Ensure efficient decision-making and workflow management with Officiel CRM's streamlined approval mechanism, facilitating seamless approvals and enhancing productivity.

What does Advance Configuration offer?

Officiel CRM's Advance Configuration feature offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the CRM system according to their specific requirements and workflows.

Template Master ( SMS , WhatsApp, Email)

Effortlessly create and customize SMS, WhatsApp, and email templates with Officiel CRM's Template Master feature, enhancing communication in your customer interactions.

Email Configuration

Effortlessly configure and manage your email settings with streamlined email configuration feature, ensuring smooth communication and email management

Plan Master

Efficiently plan and schedule tasks and activities with Officiel CRM's Plan Master feature, optimizing productivity and ensuring effective task management.

Multi ( Company / Branch / Department)

Effortlessly manage multiple companies, branches, and departments with Officiel CRM's versatile multi-entity feature, ensuring seamless organization and streamlined operations.

Automation Alerts on Events

Never miss important events or deadlines again with Officiel CRM's automation alerts, providing real-time notifications and reminders to keep you on top of your tasks and responsibilities.


Customize and personalize your CRM experience with Officiel CRM's preferences feature, allowing you to tailor settings and options according to your specific needs and preferences.

Roles and Permission

Manage user roles and permissions easily with Officiel CRM's intuitive feature, enabling secure access and control over CRM functionalities and data.

Customer Journey Automations

Streamline and personalize the customer journey with Officiel CRM's customer journey automations, delivering targeted interactions and maximizing customer engagement.

Events Master

Effortlessly manage and organize events with Officiel CRM's Events Master feature, ensuring smooth event planning and execution for successful outcomes

Landing Page Configuration

Effortlessly create and customize landing pages with Officiel CRM's intuitive configuration feature, empowering you to drive effective marketing campaigns leads.

What does Custom Configuration offer?

Officiel CRM's Custom Configuration feature allows businesses to personalize and adapt the CRM system according to their specific needs and requirements, enhancing usability and efficiency.

Define own fields (Upto 10 Per Module in All Modules)

Customize your CRM modules by defining your own fields, with the flexibility to add up to 10 fields per module across all modules, empowering you to capture and manage the data that matters most to your business

Field Preferences

Personalize your CRM experience by setting field preferences with Officiel CRM's intuitive feature, allowing you to customize the visibility, order, and display of fields according to your individual needs.

Define Own Master Dropdown (Upto 10 Per Module in All Modules)

Create your own master dropdown lists with Officiel CRM's flexible feature, allowing you to define up to 10 dropdown options per module across all modules, enabling efficient data categorization

Custom configuration for field enable/ Disable

Effortlessly enable or disable field configurations based on your business needs with Officiel CRM's custom field enable/disable feature, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in data management control and flexibility over field settings.

What does Reports offer?

Officiel CRM's Advance Configuration feature offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the CRM system according to their specific requirements and workflows.

Lead Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your lead data with Officiel CRM's lead analytics feature, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your sales strategies.

Marketing Planning VS Achievement

Track and analyze marketing planning versus achievement with Officiel CRM's comprehensive feature, enabling you to measure and optimize your marketing efforts for greater success.

Advance Module-wise Custom Reports

Create customized reports for each module with Officiel CRM's advanced module-wise custom reporting feature, enabling you to analyze and visualize data specific to your business.

Opportunity Analytics

Leverage the power of data with Officiel CRM's opportunity analytics feature, enabling you to analyze and optimize your sales opportunities for performance and profitability.

Team Target Vs Team Achievement

Measure and compare team targets against actual achievements with Officiel CRM's insightful feature, empowering you to track and optimize team performance.

Report Writter Tool

Streamline report creation and analysis with Officiel CRM's powerful report writer tool, offering intuitive functionality and customizable options for generating insightful reports that drive informed decision-making.

Daily Book

Efficiently manage your daily bookkeeping tasks with Officiel CRM's intuitive Daily Book feature, ensuring accurate financial tracking and streamlined record-keeping.

Daily Followup Report

Generate comprehensive daily follow-up reports with Officiel CRM's intuitive feature, providing valuable insights into customer interactions and facilitating effective sales follow-up activities.

Tree view Reports

Visualize data in a hierarchical tree view format with Officiel CRM's intuitive feature, enabling you to explore and analyze data relationships in a structured and comprehensive manner.

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